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mission statement

The mission of Balkan Football Club is to introduce the game of football to youth of all ages and skill levels with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their full potential. We strive to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and team work while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a long life passion for the game.  

Balkan Football Club wishes to reunite into the same football club all ethnic minorities with a Balkan background  and offer Romanians, Albanians, Bulgarians and all other nations, the perfect environment to express their culture, to create long life friendships, to develop and to learn, in a fun and safe environment under the guidance of the English Football Association, which is one of the best associations in football, with great focus  on the development of the young footballer.

“Connections and exchange of knowledge between countries and different philosophies in football is one of the three key factors that influences development  to it’s greatest potential, helping to achieve the best results”  Simon Kuper  - Soccernomics

Our motto is “Viribus Unitis“, which translates from latin to “With United Forces“Balkan Football Club knows that our greatest strength is our diversity!

We embrace the differences in each of our players to create strong, inclusive teams regardless of race, religion or orientation. We stand by each player’s uniqueness and skills, and  we place the  value of the person above any physical characteristic.

Our club aims at working to educate all our players on respect for all community members and taking ownership of their actions and their impact into our community.

Respect… “There is no medal better than being acclaimed for your style. Even if it doesn’t win (but we trust that it will), it will inspire footballers of all ages everywhere. That is the greatest reward!”  Johan Cruyff

Youth Dance Group

Balkan Sports Club


In order for the club, team, individual  to experience great moments in the game, all those involved must be committed to the club’s values, goals, missions and philosophy. Once committed to the process of becoming a strong club and team, we will reflect a unified front, a family. All the members of the club must trust that we are involved in the game for the same reasons, the pursuit of the most excellent game regardless of talent level is a purpose that motivates above and beyond winning. A strong trust in the philosophy and mission of the club will consequently promote sacrifice and and discipline from Balkan FC members and therefore will be the foundation for lifelong relationships.

In order for the club/team  to become something special, the individuals must be willing to surrender their own personal interest. A coach and player must realize that he has certain strengths and weaknesses  and it is the recognition of this weaknesses and the relentless work to improve them ( as well as sharpen strengths ) that will help a team progress.

The game  provides joy, pain, happiness, excitement, confusion and many more. We get a glimpse of just how many different emotions we can feel during the course of a practice session or a match. The game provides us with so many amazing moments. To play good football you must have a great will and determination to overcome limits both physically and mentally. The ability to to put all of our energy in the pursuit of playing great football during the most adverse times and conditions is often referred to as having great character, or playing with “heart”. Heart and passion, we will all embody those emotions every time we step foot on a football pitch, and no matter if we are winning or losing, happy or sad, we will have our team mates and coaches to go side by side with, through all it might come towards us.

Children Playing Football

Balkan Sports Club


Balkan Sport Club wishes to be not only a sport club but a society oriented towards its community members, children and parents alike.

In order to achieve this status we chose to enlarge the variety of classes we offer, adding DANCE lessons for all children aged 5 to 12 years old, boys and girls.

Football being the most popular sport that attracts especially boys, we felt that girls should have a viable option of being part of our club as well, meeting a solution to a very delicate issue that many parents encounter, time management. So we decided to hold our football and dance classes in the same days, during almost the same time, so parents with both boys and girls would not have to split their time to attend different locations.

But the reason for having this two sports in our club is beyond solving a solution for time management, as actually they are both a form of art, dribbling and  dance have quite a lot in common and require a certain grace which can only be perfect over time, with lots of coaches around the world having started to implement ballet and other dance forms into their coaching routine in order to improve the balance, grace and coordination of their footballers.

“ A very high amount of my skills and technique was influenced by the time spent in childhood on the Copacabana beaches, dancing and having fun with my friends” Ronaldinho – Brazilian Footballer

Having said that we are a club that wishes to improve aspects of live in all of our members, we have carefully selected a venue that offers a wide range of facilities like gym, table tennis and other various sports that parent can hire individually in order to maintain a healthy life style or just socialize while their children are having classes.

We will also hold a Balkanic Cup for the parents that are passionate about football and still have the love and desire to enter the pitch, where all ethnic minorities, no matter what age group or sport their children are taking, can gather under their specific flag and represent their country in the “Balkanic Friendly Cup", against other parents within the club.

All our coaching staff is FA licensed, with up to date DBS, First Aid trained  and Safeguarding children approved by the FA.